"This Is A Murder And A Complete Abuse Of Soldiers"- Kwesi Pratt Jnr Fumes


The managing editor for insight news paper, Kwesi Pratt Jnr has fumes at soldiers who embarrassed Ghanaians yesterday and stated that what happened yesterday was a murder and a complete abuse of soldiers at Ejura.

The veteran journalist speaking on Metro TV good morning Ghana show today, Wednesday, 30th June, 2021 stated that what happened yesterday is an insult to the army and it has lowered their image and jabbed them.

Kwesi Pratt Jnr who was very sad at yesterday's incident reacted that the 1992 constitution gave right to Ghanaians to demonstrate, but Politicians without thinking about the people has been constantly intimidating them with the security officers who are supposed to protect them.

Kwesi Pratt Jnr stated that he is so embarrassed as a Ghanaian for what happened and said today, criticizing Government has become a Criminal which he don't understand and told Ghanaians on the show that, what happened is a complete murder from the soldiers because he saw a soldier aiming at citizens who are running for their life but the soldiers still shoot them to death.

He questioned Government that when it was told that a mob beat fixthecountry movement activist to death, what do they do to protect the youth who are Angry?

Kwesi Pratt Jnr however details that the government has lowered the image of soldiers for using them to harass innocent citizens and said when you have leadership who uses army to intimidate the people, know that the government is afraid of the people and added that the army should feel insulted.

He questioned again that is this what we are achieving in 2021? And said what had happened is so horrifying and he can't believe it. Kwesi Pratt Jnr jabbed the MCE of the area and said he is talking like an army leader in Israel. According to him, Ghana is now like South Africa's Suweto and like Israel and Palestine fighting each other with the explanation giving by the MCE.

" I am so embarrassed and this is a murder and a complete abuse of soldiers. Randy what should come out from the investigation? This country should make bold decision towards protecting citizens when demonstrating. What country is this? This is why some people used to refer to this country as banana republic. Randy this are the people who said they will protect the people when they give them chance. Is this shooting different from kumipreko shootings?

People are saying they should call the soldiers to order. The question is who ordered them to there in the first place? Those who sent them should be checked first. We should come together and tell the police and soldiers that we are feed up with them because we know soldiers don't behave in such manner" he added on the show.

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