Me Watching Myself In The Mirror After Making My Eyebrows And Other Memes

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Me looking in the mirror after making my eye brows.

Trying to figure out which drink has less in it so that I can give it to my younger sibling.

When you think of the perfect comeback but the argument was a month ago.

When you're sleeping at your friend's house but they forgot to give you a blanket.

How to make a cabbage taste like a chicken.

When your English teacher starts explaining how to pronounce though.

When you laugh at your friend for scoring 2/10 and the teacher announces that he's the highest.

When you want to confess something to your wife but she knows already.

In this case, we're waiting for the best decision our village elders are going to make.

When you're on a date with a girl and the electricity goes off.

When you beat your husband and force him to do your will.

When you have a really jealous girlfriend and your elder sister changes your diapers.

The main reason why I left earth to look for a better life.

When your dream is to become a millionaire like your uncle.

When she sleeps over at your place and she start using all the eggs at home to make breakfast.

This is the main secret behind Thanos beauty.

When her mum says you should bring her home but she's not with you.

When you think you can argue with your teacher and he decides to hit you real hard.

Let me offload my latest memes.

Me imagining myself rich, famous and successful after I studied for three minutes.

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