"Stop Tagging Me Dem Send You" Cuba Chiefpriest Send Warning To Dj Cuppy For Tagging Him On Her Post

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The celebrity bar man, Cubana Chiefpriest send stern warning to jockey disc celebrity popularly know as Dj Cuppy for tagging him in her post everytime. Many people don't really like some persons to tag them in their post because of the constant notification they will be recieving. Though they get tired of the notification and it piss them off, sometimes they don't know how to tell you about it because they don't know how you will react to it personally.This post was made by nollywood online on their Instagram page as Cubana send a warning message to DJ Cuppy for tagging him carelessly on her post.

According to him he said " please stop tagging me carelessly Dem send you, Abeg free me since yesterday till now you have been tagging me back to back". Though there are many ways to handle this issue rather than saying it this way. Some people don't like to be tag in any post the best he would have done is to send a direct message to her.

Sometimes people tag who they like and cherish in their post not that they mean any harm. Maybe Dj Cuppy did that because he admire his personality and nothing attach to it. Check out the post below

So if you are the kind of person that always tag people in any post please limit it in other to avoid unforseen trouble.

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