Reprieve as Students Will Now Get a Critical Leave From Schools And Get Re-Admitted


The changes in the Education system in the country are smoothly moving on with the Government being steady in ensuring that all aspects are looked into.The Teachers Service Commission has embarked of recruitment of teachers for the next years to see that there will not be any teachers shortages.

Recently,the teachers have suffered in the hands of their students.The Ainamoi Secondary School principal Mr Geoffrey Rono almost died in the hands of his form three student who hit him with a plank of wood containing a nail.Luckily,he survived.

On the other hand,the Physics and Chemistry teacher from Oldonyiro mixed day Secondary school hit the headlines by saying that he was beaten up by the students after trying to stop them not to eat from the Sufurias.However,the Government officials disputed this saying that Mr Pius Mugambi was beaten outside the school compound at night when students were already asleep.

Some of these behaviours in schools have been brought by abuse of drugs in schools.The Government has released the guidelines that will see the drugs get controlled in schools.However in the recommendations,the schools will have to give the students a special type of leave.Students will be given medical leave that will see them get admitted back after recovery as in number 3.4.3 and in 3.4.4 below: