B/R: Brief History Of "Nafana" People, Nana Kaasum Tells Their Origin.


Nafana people are a populace of West Africa living in mid-west Ghana and mid-east of Côte d'Ivoire. They are important for the incomparable Senoufo gathering. In Ghana they are found in the Bono Region (Jaman North constituency, Banda), Western Region other parts of the country due migration.

The nafana people speak "nafaanra (fantra)".

They showed up in the Banda zone after the Ligbi public ( Mangye, Namasa, Brohani and so on ) who came from Begho (Beghu) toward the start of the seventeenth century. 

Akan is additionally a second language for the nafana people. Places where the nafana are situated in Ghana includes sampa, kabile, Jamera, Adadiem, Duadaso, Kokoa, Debebi, Banda Ahenkro, Banda Bongase etc. 

The Nafana people come from Ivory Coast, more precisely from the village of Kakala. Oral tradition holds that some of the Nafanas are still there, and that if they return, will not be allowed to come back.

The first site of the Nafanas is Loropéni, in Burkina Faso and it is after that they migrated to Sinematiali in Ivory Coast; we find their traces in Bondoukou (King Sié Koffi Akomi) in Ivory Coast and Sampa in Ghana.

Their language is Nafaanra, a Senufo language, whose number of speakers in Ghana was estimated at 91,000 in 2003. 

Their main occupation is farming, mostly cash crops like cashew.

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