" Avoid Married Men by all means. Their wives pray dangerous prayers. "

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People stealing other people's men has became a serious issue in South Africa. Some women's intentions is to wreck happy families apart out there .

A young brave South African woman took to Twitter to warn people to stop or avoid Married Men at all costs . Married women pray dangerous prayers to keep their families from falling apart, to keep their families together and happy .

Socializers did not take this well , many were confused on how are people on this day and age blame other women for dating Married men . As Married person you should know better and stay away from unmarried people , says one Peep.

Many took to Twitter to disagree with the poster ,while some were supporting it .

"Dangerous prayers that can't make their husband stay loyal to their marriage . i guess ." @PrincesMunyai

" Advise Married men to stay away from other women because their wives pray dangerous prayers , Why does karma only affect women ? " @_Facts_only

" Don't avoid anything nawe you can still pray a very dangerous prayer " @RealBhoqo


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