Government Slaps TV Station With One month Ban And Ksh500k Fine For Airing Adult Content


The government through the communication authority (CA) has slapped mount Kenya television with a four weeks off air and a fine of Ksh. 500,000 for Airing explicit content.

The ban comes after several Kenyans raised concerns of their children being exposed to adult content at a younger age.

The television station had aired a cartoon program showing the characters making love,and to the concern of many Kenyans children are find of watching cartoons and emulating the things they see the cartoons doing that's why they called for the tv to be punished.

This comes at a time that many communities in Kenya are at risk of getting exposed to sexual contents. Thus the country is fighting against the early childhood sex exposure which may lead to many risks including school dropout, Early pregnancy, early marriages of even suicide.

Do you think the punishment is enough for the TV station? Share your thoughts on the same.