Lephepane village in LIMPOPO cries for better roads

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Queen Mavis Moagi who is a resident in the Lephepane village in the Limpopo province took to Facebook to plead on the ward newly ANC voted councilor Mr Eric Ralepelle to fix the road.

She wrote “The councilor of Ward 34 please fix the road that starts from Mmatapa Cafe to Craighead Primary School our children 👯 are coming to school with dirt please even if you can pour soil there is no problem”

The former councilor Mmasodi served two terms in this ward who was also in the ANC.

This post caused a rant on Facebook where some residents were trying to cover up for the new councilor saying that he has just been in the office and he should be given some time.

Below are some of the debates between the residents of Lephepane village.

who is to be blamed for the fixing of roads? The new councilor or the former councilor? Share your thoughts on the comments section below

source: https://www.facebook.com/100028942554373/posts/pfbid0352f9uceaReAgXnG7QG7k6EK9noQvhud8qcjvzA6cZV2UKq2uH5jX5MhYxsoe6k87l/?d=n

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