Holland FA Should Have Been Lenient In Punishing 13-year-Old Boy Who Invaded The Pitch To Meet Depay

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Pitch Invasion by fans has been a reoccurrence situation in football over the years. Fans invade the pitch out of excitement in order to meet their Idol and Celebrity. Can we blame them for this action? No, we can't. Many of these fans get a new life after meeting these celebrities' players.

Just as many other fans who invade the pitch, a young boy who is known as Amin, that is clarified to be a 13-years-old teenager hops off the stands and ran to the pitch in a bid of taking a selfie with Memphis Depay after he scored the last fourth goal in the match. Looking at the possible cause of the wild action of this lad, a picture with his country's best player must have pushed him to go that far. Before we can judge cases like this, we need to look at the circumstances that must have forced a kid to behave that way.

The Holland FA has made a weighty decision to ban him from entering the Stadium for five years, and he must pay the fine of £86 as well. It's an inconsiderable penalty for a lad who knows little about what he's doing. Humans make mistakes and this kid is not an exemption, banning him for five good years is a denial to enjoy his teenage life. This is one of those little things that makes a lot of kids commit suicide these days, imagine a situation whereby this lad is being left behind by his friends to watch a match in the Stadium. Depression might set in because the children of nowadays are not emotionally strong.

I believe a year ban from the stadium, with no fine, would have been more suitable for him. Honestly, where do we expect a kid like that to see £86? For Holland FA this is a punishment for misconduct which we must all respect but for the majority, the leanest ruling will go a long way in averting possible disaster.


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