SA post office to explore clerks supposedly charging R350 award beneficiaries R50 to hop lines

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Unathi Nkanjeni detailed

The SA Mail center (Sapo) says it is exploring situations where its laborers are purportedly charging R350 social help of trouble award beneficiaries R50 to hop lines.

A few beneficiaries blamed mail center clerks, supposedly working chummy with safety officers, of charging them R50 to bounce long lines to gather their R350 installments.

Talking on SAfm, Sapo representative Johan Kruger said they knew about the charges and an examination was underway.

At the point when we get an objection like that it is researched completely. We have a committed examination unit, comprising of previous cops, who make quick work of this," said Kruger.

He said as a rule, Sapo found that the individuals who were charging beneficiaries R50 to hop lines were not clerks yet self-designated line marshals who are individuals from general society.

Kruger said Sapo couldn't say whether a portion of its clerks are getting a cut from the R50 and is exploring the matter.

SA Federal retirement aide Organization's (Sassa) senior supervisor Fanie Sethokga asked recipients who normally utilize the postal help for their exchanges to utilize a grocery store or ATM to gather their installments.

You are not constrained to go to a mail center branch or keep accepting your cash at a mailing station. You can change and get your cash on the other hand, either at a store or ATM, said Sethokga.

He encouraged recipients to report self-selected line marshals to Sapo's complementary wrongdoing buster hotline on 0800-020-070

Beforehand, Kruger told TimesLIVE the way of behaving of these marshals was unlawful, and charges might be brought against those dependable.

No Sapo representative or others reserve the option to request that recipients pay any expense to be adjusted as well as to get special treatment by bouncing a line, he said.

Clients are prompted not to pay the expense requested by any Sapo representative, line marshal or some other individual mentioning such an installment, and ought to consider laying a charge of pay off and defilement at their closest police headquarters.

There is close co-activity between the mail center's security and examinations unit and the police, and formal charges will assist with ending this shrewd and untrustworthy way of behaving. It ought to be noted Sapo doesn't have ward over the way of behaving of individuals from people in general external mailing station property.

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