19 Smart And Adorable Ways You Can Design Your Small Living Room

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A portable living room design you consider on your next renovation. The living room should be a room where you can realize comfort, let down your guard, and spend quality time with your family, friends, yourself. If you’re looking for some inspiration to redesign your normal boring living room, then you’re in the right place. Whether your style is current styles or restrained, minimalistic, or mixed, we’ve gathered up some of the best small living room designs and ideas from our able designers for you to choose from. 

But before we go into it, let’s first talk about some important ways to design and supersize your space to make your room feel perfectly proportioned.

Here are magnificent ways to style your small living room.

1. Build an opening using mirrors. A tried and tested trick but it works! Create an illusion of space by simply adding more mirrors, or better still, add an oversized mirror to cover an entire wall.

2. Hang baskets to provide more wall depository. Drooping from decorative hooks that can take a lot of weight, baskets are great for quick end-of-day tidy-ups for toys, books, magazines, iPad, and all the other stuff that tends to lay around.

3. Select light colors for the walls. Shades like pale blue/greys, blush pinks, and dusky lilacs will make any small living room feel fresh and inviting. Steer clear of brilliant whites and instead pick those with a subtle green, grey, or taupe tone.

4. Design stools as chairs. Stools take up far less room than bulky armchairs and can be easily maneuvered.

5. Finance in multi-functional furniture. Multi-functional pieces of furniture like a coffee table, which doubles as a storage bin, allows you to clear away any clutter. You could also invest in lidded stools or even a sofa with storage under the seat.

6. Caption out a living space with an overhanging pendant light and carefully position a round coffee table. The two pieces work together to create a focal point around which you can sit a couple of chairs and add floor cushions or stools when guests visit.

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