Hopewell Chin'ono | The regime has finally released my camera

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The regime has finally released my Panasonic P2 broadcast camera, Avid video edit suite, Laptop and cell phones. The equipment was seized on 20 July 2020 after I was arrested and jailed for exposing State corruption and the looting of public funds, I got the equipment 30 minutes ago from the CID Law and Order department ~ Hopewell Chin'ono Was it wrapped or not Hopewell must bring forensic experts to examine it, we still need you as yellow citizens for checks and balances in our country, therefore we would not want you inhaling any toxic chemicals as for the mobile phones throw them into the pool. They can't be trusted the camera need a proper check zanu pf can't be trusted at all. We thank God Hopewell Chin'ono though my sentiments would be don't use the devise. Chinese and Zanu Pf are not happy with your exposures we all know wht Chinese are capable of


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