7 Effective Ways To Ask A Lady Out


Most men often try to attract women's attention but still fail.

Women are very unique creatures who love and attract attention but sometimes pretend to play hard so as not to look cheap.

There are different ways to get a woman's attention if you want to. Getting a woman's attention before taking the next step is by asking her for a date, which is the most important thing.

Here are 7 ways to get a woman's attention:

1-Good looking. Most women like interesting things like colours, clothes, and preferences.

2-Your approach also has a long way to go to get their attention.

3-Bring her a beautiful flower. She will appreciate it and take care of you.

4-Tell her a story that melts her heart and her tension and she will want more.

5-Take control of your conversation with her, never loses confidence.

6-Your fragrance should be beautiful. It requires a romantic feeling.

7-Use a cool and cute voice on your first approach.

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