Ladies, Here Are 5 Benefits Of Not Wearing Underwear

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Dear ladies, do you know that wearing pants has a detrimental effect on you? So many women grew up with the belief that wearing pants is an absolute necessity and they have failed to question that belief. This point will not go down well with most people but we must subject our beliefs to doubt atimes for rational thinking. 

Studies have shown that women wearing pants is not always advisable, especially when at home. Women have unique tastes and tendencies as far as fashion is concerned hence they are advised not to wear certain clothes for the sake of their health status. For instance, tight pants are not recommended for women because they come with more harm than good. This is because most pants women wear are much tighter than the pants that any man would wear.

Some of the reasons women should stop wearing pants include; 

1. Relieves dampness

Not wearing pants is an efficient way to alleviate dampness by enabling time for the female private organ area to release excess heat and moisture. For those who experience a lot of sweat and discharge, this can be an advantage for you.

2. Reduces rashes

A heat rash occurs when clogged pores trap perspiration under the skin thus steering to a trivial blister or a red bump, as well as a prickly or itchy sensation. Heat rashes can leave on their own but they can be staved off if you keep your skin cool and dry.

3. Prevent yeast infection

Studies have shown that wearing tight underwear such as pants can lead to vaginitis. A vaginal yeast infection triggers itching as well as a thick, white discharge that looks like cottage cheese.

4. Lowers your risk of fungal infection

Fungal infections are a direct side effect of excess moisture and heat hence avoiding pants would reduce your risk of suffering from them. 

5. Improves circulation

Wearing tight underwear can cut off your circulation, at least to a small degree. If yours are too small or the elasticity is low, you will notice imprints in the skin and around the inner thigh. 


Ladies, even if the points in this article do not go down well with you, research more and you will find out more reasons why you should stop wearing pants. 

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