Simple And Affordable Two Bedroom Self Contained Plans For Small Families That Will Blow Your Mind


Aside being granted a United States Visa in Ghana, I believe the next most challenging thing is owning one's own home, whether built or bought. The struggle people face in order to get their own homes, especially built is a testimony that deserves to be said in a Sunday church service. One thousand and one problems, and if you are able to beat all these and finish your home, God deserves some appreciation.

Let us start with the land sellers in Accra, these guys are the beginning of trouble. You might end up buying a land that has already been sold to seven different individuals. You later realize the trouble you are in when you start doing some digging on the land, and then your predecessors start pouring in claiming to own the land.

Then comes the illegal task force, popularly known is Ghana as land guards. These guys most of the time have no connection to the land owners, but use crook means to extract money from home builders. And if you prove stubborn by refusing to pay them, waking up in the hospital is indeed a positive outcome because you could have died in the process.

After beating the illegal task force, you have to face the legal ones. These guys put graffiti designs on your walls and make you walk like a camel crossing deserts all because of a building permit. So the permit is successful, but one more problem, expensive building materials. Cement bags are as expensive as Bitcoins nowadays, same thing applies to other materials.

With all these hindrances, one must still build a house, a place you can call home. If you are able to go through all these troubles, one low budget housing idea you might be considering is the two bedroom self contained house. These amazing 3D plans should be able to make your dream family home, a beautiful and modern place to live.