4 Fashion Moments Of Tiwa Savage Looking Adorable And Classy.

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Fashion is the physical representation of one’s personality to the public, the way you are dressed would influence how people would address you. Tiwa Savage understands her fashion assignment, rock the outfit that best compliment her body structure.

Below are 4 fashionable outfits rocked by Tiwa Savage, making her the center of attention at events.

1. The Ankara dress style.

People from the Yoruba tribe love to rock this outfit, portraying certain cultures and traditions in public. Tiwa Savage looked exceptional in the dress style, it is a long and overflowing outfit that covered sensitive parts of her body.

There are different types of color pattern on the outfit, having some part of the dress exposed, showing off her smooth skin.

2. The long outfit.

This outfit is exquisite, showing the work of a skilled and experienced fashion designer. The long gown has a shinning and cream material fused, with a transparent material to cover the upper part of her body.

The white headscarf is unique, complimenting the dress style perfectly.

3. The bikini dress style.

The bikini dress style consists of a bra and pant, making it an outfit for informal events and recreational activities only. Tiwa Savage is not afraid to show off her body, making her the center of attention. This outfit leaves few things to the human imagination, making it suitable for women of class.

4. The purple gown.

The purple Ankara material have distinctive gray patterns on it, making it unique from the rest. The dress style has a net-like material, making it a long outfit. The fashion designer behind the outfit deserves an accolade, it outlined her body structure perfectly.

A side of the outfit is long-sleeved, while the other one is short-sleeved. Making the outfit unique and fascinating.

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