Opinion: Zoning Should Be Respected For The Country's Nascent Democracy

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For the past years, zoning has been a norm in the political system in Nigeria. It has been able to create a balance and fairness for zones in the country. Most of the time I feel like being against zoning. I sometimes wish that leadership should be based solely on merit.

However, the reality of our geopolitical situation in Nigeria and the need to ensure that no section or group feels marginalized or excluded is what has made me feel that zoning is a necessity.

Having said this, I don’t believe that zoning and the pursuit of leadership by merit are mutually exclusive. I don't think that there is any zone and section in our country that does not have the potential and capacity to produce leaders we will all be proud of.

The only challenge we face in our political zoning system is that we operate in a manner where leaders are suppressed by obscure and parochial arrangements that seek to impose the will of a few on the many.

As the 2023 general elections are drawing closer, I would urge Nigerians and our politicians to be upright and fair in their choice of zoning so that we don't make any region feel they have been cheated or marginalized.

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