Outering Road Blocked by Protesting Bodaboda Riders

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Motorists plying the ever busy Outering Road have this morning been left wondering where to turn to as protesting Bodaboda Operators have blocked the highway.

Picture courtesy. Image from scene.

The Bodaboda Operators have lit fires on the road near Naivas Supermarket and now the road users can not connect to Thika Superhighway.

The protests are ongoing at the Ruaraka Bridge that is near the Naivas Supermarket on the busy highway this morning.

Picture courtesy. Image from scene.

The genesis of the protests is that the Bodaboda Operators are against the unexplained arrests of their colleagues in Baba Dogo Estate.

There is a huge traffic snarlup that has been inadvertently created by these protests and police are not yet at the scene to scatter them away.

The Motorists are unable to connect to Allsops stage in Thika Superhighway from the busy Outering Road where protests are ongoing.


This behavior has been witnessed in the country at various places in the past as people demonstrate against what they don't like.

Members of the public are urged to be calm and not resort to such means that disrupt traffic on the busy highways.


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