"Power Has Expiry Date" Billionaire Wanjigi Tells Off President Uhuru After His Dramatic Arrest

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Jimi Wanjigi will have to spend the night behind the bars. This was after he was arrested by police officers who had camped outside his Westlands offices for hours. Police have it that Wanjigi has been arrested due to land saga

However for Billionaire Jimi Wanjigi, there is nothing like that since he does not own the land in dispute. Wanjigi has gone forward to indicate that all his tribulations started after President Uhuru Kenyatta took power. However, he is hopeful that all this will end since power has expiry date which is coming soon

"In Kenya, it seems their are law for some and law for others. What you are witnessing today is called impunity. This is persecution. This started in 2014 when they President Uhuru took power. I want to you that power has expiry date and it coming soon. They will face the wrath of God," Jimi Wanjigi has lamented

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