Make-up tips that will help you save time if you are a working woman.

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If you are a working woman and absolutely hate spending hours on getting ready and putting piles of makeup everyday, here are some quick hacks you could put to use for a quick makeover everyday.

Cleanse and mosturise in the evening

A lot of women don't remove their makeup when they get home. Some even sleep with their makeup on. This mistake will cost you a lot the next-day when your skin is filled with zits, cracks and imperfections. You'll end up spending a lot of time on applying foundation and in certainly won't have time left for your hair. But if you clean your face thoroughly at night and you mosturise your face will look incredible the next day. Just apply a BB cream, blush and mascara and you're good to go.

Care for your eyebrows

You might think that just because you have a well defined lips and big eyes, nobody will notice your skinny eyebrows. The whole dynamics of your face depends on your eyebrows. Some women look gorgeous without makeup. Often they have beautiful, natural eyebrows to compensate for the lack of definition.

Invest in organic beauty products

Whether we're talking about foundation, makeup base, eye shadow or lipstick, it's really important to ditch the drugstore products and switch to organics so that you can have a beautiful, youthful complexion all the time. Unlike most products marketed by top brands,organic cosmetics don't contain any chemicals or parabens. They're excellent for all types of skins and they're meant to protect your face regardless of the season.

Matte lipstick

If you don't have time for elaborate makeup, you can just use mascara for your eyes and lipstick in striking deep nuances. Dark red and burgundy in a matte colour are the best. You'll have full, luscious lips that everyone will envy. The main idea behind this simple makeup is to add a touch of glam to your face without exaggerating. Keep your eyes all natural and focus on your lips for striking makeup that can be completed in less than 5 minutes.



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