7 Crazy Drinking Games To Play With Your Friends At A Party That Are Better Than Spin The Bottle

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The next time you hang out with friends and want a laugh, a drinking game could be just what you are looking for. Most are great with three or more people, and they can be played at house parties, chillers and dinners. Below are some of the most fun drinking games on the market, but you probably don’t want to play them with your parents or family because things will quickly get seriously awkward.  

The drinks you choose for your drinking game will depend on a few things, such as your taste preference and budget. For those who want something different and fun, jelly shots are a great option. You may go for premixed drinks or a spirit and mixer if you prefer easy-drinking alcohol, while others may prefer straight liquor like vodka shots or whiskey, the choice is entirely up to you the host, but just be sure to drink responsibly and be of the legal drinking age. 

1. Drinkopoly

Drinkopoly is a social game you can play with up to six players, and it requires you and your friends to complete different tasks that vary in difficulty. There are 44 fields to pass and cards that involve additional tasks to help you progress through the game. The tasks can be anything from funny to crazy, so you never know what you will get, making this game mysterious and fun.

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2. Don’t Get Drunk

Don’t Get Drunk has four categories; trial, quiz, dare, and luck. This means that you will be doing many things that will push your boundaries and take you out of your comfort zone. It can be played by three to eight players and takes 60 to 90 minutes to complete; if you do get that far. Play it at party, or buy it as a gift for someone searching for the ultimate party game.

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3. Tic Tac Toe Shot Glass Drinking Game.

This is an old classic, most of us have never experienced playing drunk Tic Tac Toe, the difference with this game and the original, is that if you lose, you drink; if you get three shot glasses in a row, the loser has to drink. It is one of the more affordable drinking games you can play, because if you don't have the board, you can draw your own Tic Tac Toe Grid, you do not have to break the bank for this one.

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4. Tipsy Tower Drinking Game

Tipsy Tower Drinking Game is a stacking game for adults. Trying to keep block towers stable is hard enough when you’re sober, but add booze to it, and this task becomes near impossible. There is also a twist, each block has a rule wtitten on it, so you have to follow the rule on the block you have chosen, there are 54 wooden pieces and over 35 different rules to follow; these include truth or dare, nicknames, and storytime. Buy it for yourself or give it to a friend. 

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5. You Laugh You Drink

The idea behind this game is simple; using 150 cards with instructions. You pick a card, read what it says and then choose a person from the group. You will then have 30 seconds to make them laugh, the instructions could be something silly like dance moves or pretending to be someone or something. When you make your fellow players laugh, they have to drink but if they can keep a straight face, you have to drink. This game works best with more than three people. 

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 6. Under The Influence

Under The Influence is designed with challenges, dares and questions to answer. There are 200 cards in total, so you can never be sure of what you will get, and it can range from tame to wild. You need a minimum of four players and can have up to 12 players, and the great thing about this game is you can alter it according to your players. For example, if there are cards that you feel are inappropriate for a particular group of friends, you can remove them beforehand. Simple and fun, what more could you want?

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7. Do Or Drink

This one is definitely not for people who don’t like games that involve dares and do not want to be pushed out of your comfort zone. If you do like such games, then Do or Drink is exactly what you have been looking for. It has thousands of reviews from people who have played it before and loved it, and it makes for a hilarious and potentially very awkward night with friends. There are no skip cards, so if you get a dare, you need to complete it as it is. The game has 350 cards with challenges and dares to keep you entertained for more than an hour. 

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