Meet Nigeria's Most Curvy Teenager Benita Jonah; She Is A Model, Cartoonist And An Enterpreneur.


Benita Jonah born on the 10th day of May according to many is Nigeria's most curvy teenager. Nigeria is a country so blessed with lots of beautiful and curvy looking young ladies.

Benita Jonah has caused a lot of stare lately with her curvy shape.

Benita Jonah is a Nigerian Instagram influencer, model, cartoonist, entrepreneur and also a game developer. this which qualifies her to be called beauty with brain.

Benita is currently among the most popular Nigeria teenagers making waves in their careers. Her intelligence can be seen from the high download of her applications. The young teenager is already winning plenty indigenous awards.

In recent times we have seen some ladies flaunt and display their endowments online but this teenager is taking the seat I can say.

Why should she be rated as the most curvy teenager? Not a way of advertising her but trying to see a possible way of establishing a fact. From what we have seen on the social media for the past few days we can say she deserves to be rated as the most curvy teenager so far.

The future may hold a lot more for her and we pray it's not taken to an unexpected end but a memorable one.

She may end up competing with high class celebrities. Who knows? But on the contrary, I want to advice she takes things easy and move gradually as there are more greater days ahead, more opportunities.

Her intelligence and curvy looks has brought about alot of attention her way in recent times.

Check out some of her trending photos below: