Uproar as Doctors Denies a Pregnant Woman Decent Treatment Due To Lack Of 100 shillings


According to the widower Collins Arad, doctors asked him for 1000 shillings for injections so that his wife can deliver quickly but he didn't have the cash at the time.

" I took my wife to Lumakanda hospital, she was in pain. They told me to provide a thousand shillings for her to be given an injection that would help her to deliver quickly but I did not have the cash," said Arad.

He further explained that when he got the money, he was informed by doctors that his wife delivered a dead baby and finally Revealed that his wife was dead.

" After I got the money my wife was attended to. After 20 minutes the doctors informed me that that my wife had delivered a dead child. I took it lightly but the second news surprised me. After around 30 minutes I was told that my wife was dead," said Arad.

He is now calling for well Wishers to help him because he is a totally orphan without a job.

" Am now alone, I don't have a father or mother. My father died in 2013 and we have barried recently my mother. I only have my brother who is in form one and I don't have a job,' Arad explained.

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