Malema's Mission To Deal With Foreigners 'Angers' ANC top Leader

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Date: 20/01/22



The leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters surprised South Africans when on Wednesday, the 19th of January, he decided to go on an unexpected mission. According to him, he wanted to check on some South African restaurants to see if they have a perfect balance between employing South Africans and foreign nationals. This, however, did not go well with some members of the African National Congress as well as Herman Mashaba.


The minister of employment and labour in South Africa Thulas Nxesi has come out and expressed his unhappiness over what the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters did. He explained that it is his job description to call out and do exactly what Malema was doing. He says that even though members of Parliament allowed to oversight, it was still very disrespectful and demeaning for Malema to do such a thing without ever consulting the minister of Labour and South Africa.

He believes that such things should be discussed with him as he knows exactly the employment proportions of foreigners to South Africans in the country. Julius Malema on the other hand does not care about consulting with the minister of labour as he believes this is right to check this ratio of employment.


It is obvious that the African National congress is angry at the fact that the Economic Freedom Fighters is doing a job they should have done. As the minister of labour, he had the rights to took this job a long time ago but he decided to keep quiet and do nothing. Now that Julius Malema decided to take matters in his own hands everyone is unhappy with his decision.

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