"The Government Of Kenya Has Delivered" See Photos Of The Ongoing Construction Of Kenol Marua Road.

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A dual carriageway is a road which usually has two lanes of traffic travelling in each direction with a strip of grass or concrete down the middle to separate the two lots of traffic.

Roads with two or more carriageways are designed to higher standards with controlled access are generally classed as motorways, freeways, etc., rather than dual carriageways.

The Construction Of The Kenol Marua Dual Carriage Way.

Kenol-Marua project is located along the A2 road. The carriageway begins at approximately 16 kilometers north of Thika town and terminates at about 15 kilometers southeastern part of the busy market of Nyeri town.

The contract for constructing Kenol-Marua Dual Carriageway was awarded to a Chinese based construction company called Jiangxi Transportation Engineering Group by KeNHA.

The Kenol-Marua Dual Carriageway project will is expected completed in June 2022. The road will be completed a year earlier than the time that the contractors were given.

Upon completion, the road will form part of the great Cairo-Cape town highway and will connect the northern corridor of Kenya from Nairobi city to the Lapsset corridor in Isiolo town.

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