'It Can Make Me Throw Up', Kamene Goro Opens Up On Disgusting Habit People Tend To Enjoy With Meat


Kiss 100 FM Presenter Kamene Goro today morning opened up on unusual habit which she finds disgusting while many enjoy doing it.

Speaking in the breakfast show where she Co-host Jalang'o, the 29 year old revealed she doesn't like sipping bone marrow from meat.

This came after a man based in Mombasa send them a Photo of meat soup claiming when they drop to coast Again they pass by to enjoy some with a free escort.

After seeing how thick the soup is and size of meat inside it, Jalang'o began salivating claiming he can't wait to get there and eat meat together with its sweet bone marrow.

"Oh my God Kameme have you seen this soup and the meat, I just love it I can just eat and suck even the bone marrow it's so sweet." He reacted.

"Whaat! Bone marrow, I just can't suck that thing it can make me to throw up, the sound it makes alafu ni slippery, how does it taste by the way. I just can't stand someone sipping it." She responded.

Just like Jalang'o there's a good number of people who love sucking bone marrow, are you one of them or it disgusts you like Kamene let's know in comments section.

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