VIDEO: Your Continuous Knocking On Our Door Every Dawn Is Very Disturbing -Virgin Nurse Tells In-Law


A virgin nurse has shared a disturbing experience she went through for agreeing to spend her honeymoon in her father-in-law's house. It is said that the most enjoyable aspect of a new marriage is the experience during the honeymoon. But according to this lady, her honeymoon was hell. Checking the facial expression of this lady, she might probably be between the ages of 27 and 30 years and she claims to be a virgin nurse.

In an interview with Oyerepa TV, the lady narrated to the presenter that when she got married to her husband, they decided to spend their honeymoon in a hotel. But they were at the hotel when the father-in-law came in and told them to continue their honeymoon in the house. It appears the man lives in his father's house.

For six consecutive months, the father tormented their happiness every dawn. According to her, the father-in-law will study the moment they are enjoying themselves at dawn and come and call the son. Sometimes the husband will be on top of her but the father-in-law will continue to knock on their door until the husband leaves her and go and attend to him. So in the sixth month, she got tired of the situation and boldly tells the father-in-law that she doesn't like what he has been doing every dawn.

The father-in-law then asked her "What have you been doing at this time?" And the virgin lady told him that they have been having sex at that time. The lady told the presenter that she was going through hell because of this treatment from the in-law. "My husband too doesn't like it but he couldn't complain but I was glad I told him" - the nurse told the presenter.

The moral lesson from this story is that, don't allow your in-laws to dictate to you where to spend your honeymoon. It can even lead to divorce. Secondly, make sure your husband gets a rented house before marriage to have your privacy.

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