Pastor who decided to baptize a shirtless lady is now trending for the wrong reason


I came across this disturbing picture online a few moments ago. Looking at this picture, nothing but three vital questions decided to run through my mind. I asked myself, "Is this where it has gotten to? Is this the Christianity Jesus died for?" And finally, my last question was, "What at all is this world turning into?"

I had been filled with bitterness such that I could no more stand it. Some men of God are giving people the reason not to even take Christianity seriously. This picture better be a movie because if it isn't, I'm sure this man might be in trouble and may be even stripped off his position as a pastor or a man of God.

Now, let me take you straight to the picture. This is a picture of a pastor who was baptizing a certain young lady in a certain river. We do not know who took this picture but it seems that this pastor had went overboard. He was doing what you wouldn't expect a pastor to do even at such a sacred moment.

This circulating picture was made available to the public by a Twitter user known as Collins. Looking at his caption below, you do see that he has totally lost respect for this man of God. Which man of God does this?

I am hoping this is some kind of movie because if not, we as a people have a long way to go. Is this the Christianity Jesus Christ died for? What makes this very sad is the fact that the person doing this has a clerical and claims he is a man of God. We are humans and have hormones which gets elevated after we see certain things. The fact that this man is a pastor doesn't mean he cannot have feelings after seeing these kinds of things.

What would even make him think of letting this young lady remove her shirt before baptizing her. Never have I seen anything of such sort. This pastor has proved to me that he can do whatever men have never even thought of in their lives. Well, during this baptism, it seems other people were around and were witnessing what was going on. Looking at the picture below, there was a certain person behind that tree looking at this pastor baptize a shirtless lady.

If baptism really got to this point, imagine what deliverance will turn out to be. Many people are sharing their ideas about this issue and as expected, most of them are bashing the actions of the pastor.

Surprisingly, an account known as "Crazy Professor" decided to lecture people about why he thinks this whole picture has nothing wrong with it". This is what he had to say

Looking at his submission, can I say we should no more see smoking as a bad thing because the Bible didn't talk about that? Sometimes, you just have to choose the right decisions. The fact that something isn't in the Bible doesn't make it right looking at its nature. Well, this is what I have got to say about it. What can you say about it all?