Micheal Essien Ghana's greatest midfielder.


Midfielders are critical to a team's success.They work in and around the pitch's middle, creating chances for the forwards while defending the backline.

Midfielders spend a lot of time in a game playing various positions. This is a crucial position since it requires players to be proficient on both defense and offense.

Essien, then of Corsican club Bastia, made his Ghana debut in an international friendly against Egypt in January2002, before making his competitive debut against Morocco at the 2002 Africa Cup of Nations.

Aside from a great career with the Black Stars, Michael Essien had a fantastic club career with Lyon and Chelsea, winning several league and cup trophies both domestically and internationally, including the UEFA Champions League.

 On a football field, Michael Essien's ability to control the tempo of the game is a great example of what he does.

Essien's most fundamental skills include keeping the game flowing, getting his large players into the game, and serving as a shield for the back four. 

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