5 Problems That Can Make Women Experience Pain During Intimacy

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Intercourse is meant to be a pleasant experience between a woman and her partner. However, having pain during intimacy can make intimacy a bad experience for women.

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Experiencing pain during intimacy can cause a woman to have low libido which can affect her relationship with her partner because, no woman will like to engage in an activity that will cause her pain and discomfort.

Experiencing pain during intercourse is usually caused by a medical condition or a health problems. So, whenever a woman starts noticing pain during intimacy it is time for her to consult her doctor.

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Here Are Five Problems That Can Make Intimacy Painful For A Man

1. Vaginismus: this is one of the condition that causes women to feel pain during intimacy. Although, vaginismus is rare many women still suffer from it which makes their intimate life terrible or non existent.

Vaginismus is a situation inwhich the walls of a woman's private parts starts contracting during intercourse. That contraction makes intimacy painful for women.

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2. Urinary Tract Infections: urinary tract infections is an infections that attacks the urinary tract. The urinary tract consists of organs like; bladder, kidney, urethra etc. 

Women who have urinary tract infections can experience pain during intercourse. Urinary Tract Infections affects many organs so it is important to get it treated immediately.

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3. Vulvodynia: the vulva is the external part of a woman's private part. Vulvodynia is a very common problem which affects over 100,000 Nigerian women yearly.

According to information on Google, vulvodynia, can be so uncomfortable that some activities can feel unbearable, such as sitting for long periods of time or, having intercourse.

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4. Dry Genitals: dryness can be caused by a number of factors such as menopause, the decreased production of estrogen etc. During intimacy a woman's body is meant to produce lubricant to keep her lubricated.

However when the body fails to produce that lubricant it makes intimacy painful for her.

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5. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM): female genital mutilation is a barbaric practice that involves the unnecessary cutting out of one or more parts of a woman's genitals.

Most women undergo FGM as girls but, the effects of female genital mutilation is long lasting which can cause a woman pain during intimacy several years later.

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