Opinion: Oleksandr Usyk Will Lose To Deontay “Bronze Bomber” Wilder If They Should Ever Battle

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Deontay wilder called out Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk in a YouTube video by AkhiTv, saying that he would like to battle him for undisputed after he completes the trilogy fight with Tyson Fury which comes up in the next two days. While it is impossible to say who would win this upcoming fight, there is no doubt that Deontay wilder will dominate and probably beat Usyk.

The reason why I said that is because this fight may not go as the one Usyk fought with Anthony Joshua, Deontay wilder is regarded widely as a top heavyweight boxer and highly respected by a lot of legends both past and present. His skills and ability to knock out an opponent makes him widely feared to the extent that even Tyson fury called him the most dangerous heavyweight in the world.

According to Mike Tyson, in an interview video on YouTube, admitted that Usyk would lose to Deontay wilder because his hand speed is greater than his own and besides if it was a match of stamina Deontay wouldn't lose out to him either. Moreover Deontay wilder is a very dangerous puncher, determined athlete and is very motivated to win and be at the top of the heavyweight boxing world again.

And his loss to Tyson Fury was the first loss of his professional career and that has made him a very dangerous beast, he doesn't take to losses well and his behavior towards Tyson Fury based on allegations that he cheated in their fight shows that he can be very deadly in the ring if he feels cheated.

And another reason why I think he will beat Usyk is because of the fact that he is likely to throw more punches at Usyk than Anthony Joshua did because some boxing experts believe that he looks uncomposed when fighting and was probably afraid of being hit.

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