It Seemed As Though, The Bank Wanted To Be Clear That, First Lady Wasn't Behind It. DETAILS.


The Rebecca Foundation owned and managed by the First Lady, has done its bit, in helping to alleviate the sufferings of many, as it goes about its humanitarian efforts, from helping out some selected CHIPS compounds, to providing food for poor mothers and even building a maternity ward at KATH.

But trust me, the lasted dedication of a state of the art lounge facility at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital is not part of the projects of the First Lady's Foundation, which in this last week, has been embarking on a face saving PR campaign, on the back of the double payments saga, that saw her refund the monthly allowances, she had received since 2017 and also add that, she will not receive the approved backdated salary to 2017.

This assertion is not mine, but that of the Former Deputy Minister of Information, who had accused the current Minister, Hon. Kojo Oppong Nkrumah of abuse of power and embarking on a "PR blitz "on a July 15th post on his Facebook page, found at Felix Kwakye Ofosu, as the ministry, had on two occasions, re broadcasted the foundation's commissioning and dedication of the new maternity block at KATH, on the Ministry of Information - Ghana's Facebook page on same day.

Whereas there are many media reports which is asserting that, this new project is part of the Rebecca Foundation's work, the real sponsors and owners, may have seen this coming and had well planned, to forestall such development.

For instance, a news post intimated, concerning the project that, "The facility which was built within 12 weeks was sponsored by FIRST ATLANTIC BANK under the auspices of the REBECCA FOUNDATION," under the heading, "Rebecca Donates Ultra-Modern Facility To Korle-Bu," clearly a lie, as can be gleaned from the facts presented below, as this writer, may have confused commissioning with donation.

You can only donate, when you sponsored it, but in our part of the world, you can go and ask an influential and "big" person, to come and open it up for you, when he/she had no hand in it and the later, is certainly what happened.

Well, the post by First Atlantic Bank, the sponsors and owners of the project's statement, may hold all the details, that affirms my earlier assertion, as I have even highlighted key statements, to help any form of doubt after reading also.

In the post sighted, it read specifically that:

"The First Lady of the Republic H.E. Mrs. Rebecca Akufo-Addo today commissioned the state-of-the-art lounge facility put up by the First Atlantic Bank (FAB) at the premises of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra.

The facility christened-‘The Atlantic Lounge’ which was built by the bank is intended to provide a modern, comfortable waiting space for families and friends of patients who are being attended to at the premier hospital.

The facility which provides sitting space for 150 people also has restrooms and a place for banking services.

Speaking at the commissioning and handing over of the lounge to management of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, H.E. Mrs. Rebecca Akufo-Addo , said the Atlantic Lounge would bring relief to visitors of the hospital.

She urged the management of the hospital to take good care of the facility to enable it serve the purpose for which it was provided.

On his part, the Board chairman of the First Atlantic Bank, Mr. Amarquaye Armar, said the facility formed part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) undertaking of First Atlantic Bank.

“Your Excellency, when First Atlantic Bank’s Management Team, very ably led by Managing Director, Mr Odun Odunfa, presented the Board with your appeal for support to build this edifice, we understood its urgency and importance due to its potential role to enhance wellbeing of caregivers and visitors of patients on admission at this hospital”.

He was hopeful that the facility would provide much needed relief to those admitted to the hospital as well as to all visitors, especially mothers, children, the physically challenged, who unfortunately have had to loiter around and wait for health personnel to give them feedback and updates on the condition of relatives on admission at this hospital.

“Moreover, the rest area for children is fitted with restrooms/washrooms and can provide protection for all visitors, especially mothers and children, against adverse weather conditions, whether during the day or at night”, Mr Amar added.

Mr Amar said: “It is our firm belief that this lounge will remain “fit-for-purpose” to lessen the distress and fatigue that mothers, children, and the public in general, so often experience whenever they visit Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

It is always a privilege for First Atlantic Bank to provide the communities we serve in with better access to health care and educational facilities, and thereby enhance the wellbeing of mothers, children and the public in general”.

He used the occasion to appeal to all prospective beneficiaries to use this facility strictly for intended purposes, as they all believe it greatly enhances the image of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.