Residents Of Tantra Hill In Tears After Fire Guts Down Their Houses (+VIDEO)

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Residents of Tantra Hill in Accra have been captured in a video shouting and screaming as they watch their houses burn down to ashes. One cannot tell what caused the fire outbreak but about 5 houses have been recorded burning so fast.

What is most shocking is that instead of the people to call the Ghana Fire Service, they were rather seen recording video with their mobile phones. One woman was overhead in the background of the video saying, "Oh, God have mercy on us. Who knows the Ghana Fire Service hotline?".

People were seen trying to use fire extinguishers to reduce the flames but the fire at the place cannot be controlled by small fire extinguishers. In view of this, the whole place was brought down by the fire within some few minutes. Some people were overheard in the video saying that the harmattan might be the cause of this fire outbreak.

But another woman said that she believe someone intentionally set fire at the place. The place looks like a slum area with a lot of woden structures that is why it was burn down to ashes quickly.

You can also watch the video through the link below:


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