Tonight On #Imbewu| Sebenzile Finds Phakade And maZulu Drinking Tea That She Spiked With Love Potion

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Tonight Sebenzile Finds Phakade And Mazulu Drinking Tea That She Spiked With Love Potion

It seems like Sebensile is happy that her sister is out of the way. Now she wants Phakade all to herself. Sebenzile's desperation is on another level. She is determined to do whatever it takes to win Phakade all to herself.

Tonight Sebenzile will find maZulu and Phakade drinking tea that she spiked with love potion. She will be shocked and devastated when she sees the strong affection on Phakade's face as he is looking into maZulu’s eyes.

It is true when they say sometimes things do go as planned because Sebenzile wanted to make Phakade love her and eventually marrying her. Unfortunately her plans will not go accordingly.

Her plan to use love portion to make Phakade marry her will just be ruined as Phakade will be in love with maZulu instead of her. The love portion will go to the wrong person.


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