Muvhango|Masindi confessed that she might see the nightmares if Gugu is still in the house

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A mother will do everything to make sure that his children are getting a bright future so that they can take care of their grandchild, and this is what is happening to Masindi we're she has been warning Azwindini about Gugu for a long now and the chief doesn't want to listen.

This time the chief has been put in a serious position to help Gugu to recover from the nightmares that she has, but Masindi has made things clear that the presence of Gugu in the house, will bring the nightmares of Nomasonto which is something that she doesn't want.

The only thing that she can do is to leave the royal house but this might be a huge challenge for them, because Azwindini won't listen and this might divide the family again after what they have been through, and also the traditional healer arrived in the house to deliver the news to the chief.

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