#JohnMahamaBuiltIt Trending No. 1 on twitter.


Twitter has been blazing hot since morning over the achievements of the former President John Dramani Mahama. The National Democratic Congress(NDC) took to their twitter handles to support the former president and long time flag bearing for the presidential position for the NDC.

Barely some days ago the #NanaAddoCares and #NanaGoDoMore trend on the handle and one could only assume that this is in retaliation of that.

Many of their posts are full of pride and love for their statesman, appreciations to name a few.

One poster with the name Citizen Not Spectator mentioned the largest market in the Central Region, Kotokuraba Market, Cape Coast as one of the achievements of former president. He supported the post with a picture of the beautiful scene.

Another Annan Perry Arhin, sited a beautiful maritime hospital that has been left to rot and promised that the project would continue when the NDC assumes office

"Beautiful maritime hospital left under Yaanom to rot, but we will continue with this project when we assume office" she said.One Mickey Freeheart also mentioned speed boats for the police Maritime Unit and new Office Complex for the Foreign Affairs Ministry. He also supported his claim with pictural evidence of the scene.

It is quite fascinating to watch.

NouvalDavid newshub-gh@operanewshub.com