Fire Destroys Business Stalls In Eldoret (See Photos)

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It is with great sorrow to announce the destruction of the business stalls by fire in Eldoret this morning. The fire broke out this morning and spread out devastating the closely built business stalls.

There is uncertainty of the cause of fire this it is not well known where the fire came from.

The are affected was around the University of Eldoret junction. Business persons have gone to great losses after the fire brought down their small premises to ashes.

However, no one has been reported to be injured and dead therefore there was no casualty after the incident.

Life seems to be hard to the affected business persons during this time of Covid pandemic. To build a stall, buy stock for the business to prevail, high costs of petrol fuel and its intermediate products, and high electricity costs have become a dreadful thing for many business people.

Nevertheless, a question to you;

What do you think should be done to help the business people who are affected with above challenges?

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