"I just resigned from my job" a lady recently shared, leaving Mzansi inspired

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Transitions can be frightening, but they are also an opportunity for a happier future if you are currently working in an unhealthy work environment. Quitting a toxic job ensures you prioritize your mental and physical health, which is more important than a regular paycheck.

The best thing to ever do when you are in a toxic work environment, is to look for other solutions, never be too comfortable and look for another job else where, even though you can survive without having a job, sometimes your mental and physical health are more important than anything else.

A lady recently resigned on her job and she shared on social media that: "I just resigned, i will see what happens where i go. That company drained me". Her post inspired a lot of other people who have been through what she has been through in a toxic workplace. Other people also shared their experiences when it comes to such situations.

"There will be people saying how do you resign without plan B, because they don't understand mental health issues. You did what's best for yourself and I hope you find peace and be happy again". Do you really think this lady made the right decision? Share your thoughts and thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don't forget to hit the share button.

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