Residents Of Kwale Demonstrate Over The Construction Of A Fallen Bridge

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I/CAccording to news on radio jambo, residents of 'lungalunga' Kwale county have demonstrated over the repair of mwachande bridge which fell a few months ago making it difficult to cross.

Taking it to the county offices shouting and screaming with leaves and placards, the angry individuals have been hailed "Tunataka daraja" which means that they want a bridge. One of them who is a representative too Narates thar the county officials promised to do reconstructions immediately and left a temporal structure, since then it has become weak and nothing has been done even after they sent inn their complain.

They have promised to go on demonstrating untill their grievances have been met. Though this is a peaceful demonstration, police have been on the look out to prevent looters who normally take advantage of the situation to step from business people and innocent road users. In the meantime, efforts to calm them down are ongoing.

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