Meet Denis Onyango & his beautiful family

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Most people don't know that some of the most successful footballers in the PSL live with some of the most beautiful women on the African continent.

These beautiful, smart, quiet, and strong women have fought every day to raise and protect their children in spite of how popular their husbands are.

Denis Onyango, the goalkeeper for Mamelodi Sundowns, is one of the most successful and decorated football players in Africa. He is a legend in both South Africa and his home country of Kenya. Denis Onyango is one of the most decorated footballers on the African continent, but he has managed to keep his personal life out of the spotlight. He rarely posts pictures of his family on social media.

By looking at his social media accounts, we now know that Denis Onyango is more than just a goalkeeper. He also cares about his family. Since then, we've found out that the Mamelodi Sundowns goalkeeper is currently married to Barbara Namubira, and that they have four beautiful children together.

At this point, no one knows when the couple first started dating or when they walked down the aisle. This is because they have been able to keep their relationship out of the spotlight. The goalkeeper, who was born in Kampala, has posted a few pictures of his family on Instagram, leading many of us to think that Onyango is married and happy.

In the case of Mrs. Onyango, Barbara has been able to keep her personal life private, as she isn't even on social media. From what we've learned, Denis Onyango has proven to be a good provider. Not only is he a successful football player, but he also tried farming earlier this year, which was a risky move.


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