All hail the Mhlongos! See how Nkunzi will get rid of Amos once and for all at Uzalo.

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Everyone was disappointed on Monday when what we thought will happen became a disaster. Last week Friday, when Uzalo ended, it left the viewers speechless because of what happened. Last Number was drugged and Nosipho was pointing a gun at Amos. Obvious we all thought that Nosipho was going to shoot Amos but the opposite became true. Last Number woke up when Nosipho was busy saying "I'm not a killer" then he hit and a took her where only him and Amos know. The viewers were angry.

Well to all those who love The Mhlongos, Nkunzi will fight back and there will be blood everywhere. Nosipho will finally reach out to her mother and on the last day of this month of January, Amos Lifestyle will be history. Nkunzi will finally get rid of Amos and Last Number and he will rule again.

Remember to watch Uzalo at 20:30 every weekday.

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