Mudavadi Skips Burial Ceremony of Late PA, Here Is The Person Who Represented Him


Amani National Congress party leader Hon Musalia Mudavadi has today skipped his late PA's burials at his rural home in Vihiga for reasons not known to the public. Ken Manosh passed on immediately after the heated Matungu by-election where e he was among the chief agents for the ANC candidate.

My sources at the burial indicate that Mudavadi was represented by his long time aide and advisor Kibisu Kabatesi. Kabatesi relayed Mudavadi's message of condolences but failed to explain why the party boss did not turn up for the burial. Kibisu has held the advisory role to Mudavadi since he entered into active politics after the death of his father Moses Mudavadi.

"H.E musalia mudavadi spokesperson kibisu kabatesi delivers a message of condolences on behalf of musalia mudavadi to Ken manonos family." Burton Avwage

I want to get your opinion on this, was Musalia Mudavadi right to skip the burial of his closest aide? What message does this send to the youth who would do anything for politicians?