Sugar Does Not Cause Diabetes – Dietician


A dietician with Accra based Trust Hospital and Clinics has stated that, contrary to popular belief, the intake of sugar is not the cause of diabetes but as a result of a failure in the body system.

According to Dr Wise Letsa, it is the inability of the body system in processing and using up the end product of energy given foods we take in that amounts to diabetes. I know many find challenges believing this. But this is coming from a medical doctor.

 “The fact is that it is not the mere intake of sugar that will give you diabetes. But then you become diabetic because the body is not able to absorb or take up the sugar you have taken and thus causing the blood level to rise.

“So no matter where the sugar is coming from, whether as a breakdown product of the food you eat or from the fruit or the table, that should not be the cause of diabetes,” he told Folkxhub.

“We are aware that too much sugar can make you store the excess of fat and that can indirectly lead to glucose intolerance and diabetes,” he added.

 “It is all about working the right proportions and also about eating them with some roughage and fibre.

In conclusion, it is not only the cubes of sugar you take that contributes to your glucose level rising. That sugar is only a chemical component. However, when you take kenkey or fufu, know that the human body system breaks them into glucose.