Checkout the secret behind Tiwa Savage's ever-glowing and chocolate skin


There are celebrities who are still active in their respective industry that when you look at them and thier achievements, you wonder how they have been coping.

Some celebrities who are almost going invisible still comeback with a hit to mainly remind their fans that they are still active. They return looking as young as they were when they started the journey.

Tiwa Savage is a good example of this not ageing stuff. Tiwa has been singing from 1996 till present.

Tiwa Savage is popular Nigerian singer and a songwriter. She was born in Lagos State but went to London for her secondary school education. She started her music career there by doing backup vocals for artist like George Michael and others.

Tiwa Savage got married and bore a son before she left with her son, Jamil Balogun after her husband accused her of having a problem.

Tiwa Savage is still in the Mavin Family. Though Tiwa is 41 years old, she still looks 28 whenever she appears on stage.

In an interview, she reveals the secret to her ever-young skin. Tiwa Savage says, "Most of the products I'm loving are coming out of West Africa.

I use original black soap from Ghana and natural shea butter to lotion my skin. I'm big on body treatments like scrubs and hammans(traditional Morroccan baths) "

It is amazing how Tiwa Savage's color still shines every moment. I guess shea butter is used by celebrities too.