END TIME IS NEAR: See The Church Where Men Dresses Like Women Because Of What They Want


Each church has its own set of traditions and uniform rules and procedures for how to conduct worship. Most churches are famous while others are not and some people even claim to have never heard of their existence.

Some people are often seen in public doing things that leave others with many questions than answers. This church where the men are dressed in short skirts, while the women are mostly dressed in long dresses. Currently, the pictures of this church are making waves on social media. religion is a pretty big part of our lives in Africa, there are many churches operating across the whole continent.

The men are dressed in short skirts, while the women are mainly dressed in long dresses. The majority of people were taken aback by their appearance and wondered if this church was genuine and why the men were dressed so strangely.

When internet users saw these pictures on twitter, they started to research to find out the name of this specific place of prayer. Basically they necessarily want to know the name of this church so as to be sure. From the pictures, we can see the men seem to be having fun and dancing in their skirts.

Some people already informed of the existence of such a church have located it in Soweto and Queenstown, these internet users confirmed they saw it in South Africa.

However, someone asked what their male wardrobe would look like, would it be different from that of women? As you can see in the pictures, men are not as different from women in terms of clothing.

Can you attend this type of church? let's hear your opinion about this matter

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