BBI Case: Learned Friends, Judges Burst Into Laughter After Lawyer Embarrasses Himself By Doing This


Day one of the Building Bridges Initiative court appeal and lightly, drama and sensationalism has already started taking shape. The BBI court appeal is a clash of the kings of law, majestic and elegant learned friends with degrees and PhDs from the University of Nairobi and beyond! Among the great lawyers present are: SC James Orengo, SC Otiende Amollo and Dr. John Mwangi representing Raila as a BBI promoter and initiator.

On the side of the accuser are SC Martha Karua, Professor Kithure Kindiki and Law Society President Nelson Havi. In addition, the former Attorney General Githu Muigai and the current Attorney General Kihara Kariuki are representing president Uhuru Kenyatta. In this regard, upcoming lawyers have had a hard time trying to fit in and blend into the blazing hot Milimani Law Courts room and also get themselves heard.

The first victim was a lawyer by the name Elisha Ongoya representing his client Edwin Ogada who is the 74th respondent. He became a laughing stock at the introductory part of the court proceeding after failing to recall the name of his client. When he stood up and the lead judge asked him what the name of his client was, Elisha muttered, fumbled and tried as hard as possible to retrieve it from the deepest memory store of his brain but he just couldn't. He then asked to be excused to go and confirm the name of his client in his files at his desk.Photo: Elisha Ongoya standing before the seven-judge bench hearing the BBI appeal case. He is the lawyer to one of the parties accusing the Building Bridges Initiative constitution amendment bill of constitution inconsideration and violation.

The other senior law scholars and professors bursted into laughter (including the judge) with the judge posing to the young lawyer how possible it was to just forget the name of your client.

Most of the young lawyers in the appeal case are representing the accuser (those who want BBI to be stopped) and the senior and experienced top brains in law are representing Raila Odinga, Uhuru Kenyatta and IEBC. Therefore, it will be a big shame if they are defeated by a group of young advocates after laughing at them during the court process. What do you think? Is it time for young lawyers to shine and defeat the likes of Orengo? Or the case is as good as won by Raila and Uhuru? (Hint! Raila and Uhuru have presented a 10,000-paged document in their appeal as shown below)

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