All Hell Breaks Loose After This Was SPOTTED Inside A Tavern In Alex

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The images show an incident where a group of people who are believed to be patrons at a Tavern having drinks inside the premises while their children are sitting right next to them, and are in fact inhaling the same smoke which is coming from their cigarettes and probably being sent around to purchase the alcoholic drinks which are being intoxicated by their parents.

This is something that is really concerning to the people of this country, many people are wondering if this kind of behaviour is encouraged in our society considering the fact that it is a bad influence for parents and elders to be portraying this kind of behaviour on their children.

Considering their very tender age we know that they are very impressionable and they are likely to emulate their parents during play time or even in life and this will even lead to a later addictions and substance abuse as a pastime, because of how humans usually emulate the behaviours and traits of the five people they spend the most time around.

This is to warn those people who are perpetrating this behaviour without knowing the potential consequences to take heed and know that it is not good to be drinking, and smoking around small children because secondary smoking is actually worse than primary smoking.

it is unclear at the moment if the necessary authorities have been alerted to this kind of behaviour that is being perpetrated by these individuals, however many people strongly feel that this should be done because these children are victims in this case.

Although we must acknowledge that this behaviour is being perpetrated at such a massive scale, because when there are drinking parents in the household there are chances that they will be perpetrating their behaviour in front of everyone.

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