'Hizi Supplements Za Weight Loss Ni Scam.' Selina Reveals The Truth About Supplements


Most Celebrities are now used by companies for the purpose of promoting supplements which allegedly help people to reduce weight. Most people are forced to believe the supplements will aid their weight loss journey. However this is not the case according to Selina the actress. Selina is one of the top Actresses in Kenya.

People marketing supplements tend to play with people's minds. One can be told to take the supplements on an empty stomach. This means a person might have to skip a meal so as to take the supplement.

When one skips a meal the body will start breaking down glucagon stored in the body to provide energy for the body. That is why people will see that they are loosing weight. It is just a matter of Psychology. Supplements are taken with water so the feeling of being hungry will temporarily go away.

Selina has revealed that she doesn't believe in taking supplements for weight loss.People should embrace exercise as the right journey to weight loss. See Selina's post below.Please comment down below if you believe Selina is right about taking supplements for weight loss. Please don't forget to like and to follow this page for such stories.

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