New Education Calendar And Form One Selection Effects


Last year after the Corona pandemic hit our country, school calendar was greatly affected. Schools were indefinitely closed by March. This went all the way to January this year. The new calendar was made to fix the mess and see everything move smoothly.

KCPE exams were done late March this year. This was in line with the new calendar. KCSE is ongoing and will be coming to the end by next week.

Despite he ministry promising the KCPE candidates to receive their results by this week, entry to form one will delay. This means selection process will not be done immediately as it has been the norm.

This is necessitated with the calendar which dictates that form ones will join schools by July and not May. First term is scheduled to start as from 26th July 2021. All learners will be starting their first term. This means students will have to wait for three months until they join secondary schools.

We wish them all the best. Thanks