Two Reasons Why Manchester City Will Have The Strongest Squad Next Season

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Manchester city is one of the big six clubs in the English Premier League which also include Liverpool, Chelsea football club, Tottenham Spurs and Arsenal.

Currently, Manchester City together with Liverpool Football club are the clubs with the strongest squad in europe in a way that every Football team which faces these two clubs they are sure they cannot win. But, Manchester City might emerge with a much stronger squad than Liverpool Football club.

The first reason why Manchester City football club might emerge stronger than Liverpool Football club is because, the club has recently signed one of the best player, Erling Haaland who is likely to make the attacking section more stronger than any other club in English Premier League. This will make Manchester City squad more stronger than Liverpool.

The second reason why Manchester City might emerge stronger than Liverpool Football club is, Manchester City manager is at a high grief after loosing champions league trophy after his club was knocked out at semi-finals. This will make the coach make the club be more stronger in order they can win the champions league next season.

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